When you start a yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practice, transformation is inevitable.


I discovered yoga when I was in my second year of law school at Georgetown (way back in 2002). Lying on my mat in savasana (a/k/a the "final relaxation" pose), I couldn't believe how good I felt. After that, I was hooked–and so began a transformation of my body, mind, and spirit.

Since then, the two parts of me–the intellectual lawyer and the curious spiritual seeker–have evolved in a mindful lockstep. Unlike other yoga teachers you may know, I never gave up my career in the legal profession (even though I tried a few times) because I have such a great love for winning arguments (I'm an appeals and motions attorney).

Instead, I've spent the last 15 years applying what I have been learning from yoga (and, eventually, meditation and mindfulness) to my life as a lawyer. If someone had told me that after practicing law for more than a decade I would have a fitter body and sharper mind than I had when I was a law student, I would have raised my left eyebrow in skepticism. But that is the truth of it–and I'm a better lawyer because of the practice I started all those years ago.

Healthy bodies and clear minds are what I want for all lawyers and law firm professionals. That's why–after nearly a decade of teaching all types of students-I started lawyoga to focus exclusively on teaching to lawyers and law firms. Because you are my people, and I want the best for you.

Like any good lawyer, I'm going to persuade you that yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practice is what you need to feel your best, perform your best, and be your best in your work and your life. So I hope you'll get in touch to find out how to incorporate lawyoga into your firm's (or your own) wellness program. For a list of my training, experience, and education (including my undergraduate degree from Tulane University), go here.